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We have the solution your company needs, in order to expand your operations and increase your profit at a very cost effective method.

Having the comfort of dealing with an American company, and the peace of mind that you will be close enough to communicate with your operation more efficiently.

We will carry out your message , philosophy and deliver the value of your offer.

Provide to our clients operational flexibility that they need and enhance their ROI.

Will reduce your costs and maximize efficiency by improving services to employees.

A perfect understanding of the local talent, recruitment and selection involves hiring high qualified workforce through a very successful and proven process.

Payroll Management

PCI Certified
Team Next door Solutions

How to find qualified and cost effective talent?

By outsourcing in Tijuana, Mexico you will find a significantly cost reduction on comparison to the US (over 40%), our talent is fully bilingual and bicultural making the communication with your customers more efficient and clear. Feels like home.

Tijuana can offer high competitiveness in human capital.

Our Technology

Interactive voice response. (IVR) Predictive dialer system. Quality assurance monitoring. Technological infrastructure is supplied by the world’s best IT providers (Cisco, Microsoft, Beldel, Avaya, Fortinet, inConcert, Compaq). It allows us to be flexible and enables us to deliver quality services that meet each client’s requirements.