Our Company

Our facilities:

We are aware our clients needs may change, and we are here to adjust to their changing. Our world class facilities are adaptable to increasing and decreasing positions, from 10 to up to 200 upon request, as needed.

And we are capable to ensure confidentiality of their projects with the support of biometric security and 24/7 closed circuit systems.

Nextdoor Solutions

Strategic location

Tijuana is a multicultural municipality, famous for being the most visited and transited borderline city in the world, and the seventh most populated metropolis in Mexico. The quality of its services, its people and restaurants, make of it a wonderful destination, which has given the world culinary jewels and adventures no other city can, full of cultures and business opportunities. The whole infrastructure needed in terms of technology and communication, Tijuana provides.

In order to leverage these privileged advantages, our organization comprises facilities in Tijuana, Mexico, and an office in Chula Vista, CA, right across the border, which allows us to service clients throughout the whole territory of the United States, who may fly domestic in the morning, attend a meeting with us, and go back home the same day. We are more than an offshore solution, we are Next Door Solutions.

Our key advantages


We are located in both sides of the Mexican-American border.


Level 1 PCI certification

Fully bicultural and bilingual staff:

Our personnel has been educated and raised across the borderline and spent most of their lives in the USA.

Cost cutting without sacrificing quality:

We know about American standards of servicing, while offering 50% savings in comparison to USA rates.