Nearshore is the new offshore

Outsourcing activity has shifted back to nearshore. Here’s why: wages are rising in the Philippines and India; consumers want Contact Center agents who speak American-accented English and Latin American Spanish. Companies prefer to work with outsourcers who are geographically close and within the same time zones. Our bilingual call center nearshore to Tijuana, Mexico, provides our American clients with many benefits that they can’t get from offshore BPO services.

Would you like to have a reliable, state-of-the-art call center close to you, at a fraction of the cost of a U.S. call center?

bilingual call center nearshore to Tijuana

Mexico: the nearshore solution

Tijuana has become one of the most important Hubs to host call center operations that offer bilingual and bicultural agents by reducing costs without sacrificing the service level. Here are some benefits of choosing a bilingual call center nearshore to Tijuana.

  • The geographical proximity between the U.S. and Mexico makes communication and travel easy.
  • Proximity facilitates ongoing, face-to-face training programs, face-to-face meetings, and facility visits, enhancing trust and peace of mind.
  • Same time zones, 100% bilingual staff, no language barriers.
  • Approximately 500,000 Mexican IT professionals working in the BPO industry.

Entrust your call center outsourcing to Mexico


Leading producer of BPO services

Cost-efficient human capital with a growing population of bilingual IT professionals and many IT hubs.



BPO and call center services in Latin America are a $10 billion industry with 7% annual growth.


Increased revenue

Tax and labor reforms have made the business climate more conducive.


Inflation rate

Mexico is less inflationary than other major offshore locations.

Cultural affinity

Trained, bilingual staff who have lived in the U.S. and are extremely familiar with American culture.