Our Company

We are a bilingual and bi-cultural call center in Tijuana.

For more than 25 years, NextDoor Solutions has provided BPO and call center services for American companies with large customer bases. Our leading-edge call center in Tijuana, Mexico, manages more than 60 million inbound and outbound calls per year. With agents fluent in English and Spanish, the two most common languages spoken in the U.S., your customers won’t be frustrated with language barriers.

We are aware that our clients’ needs may change, and we easily adjust to their changes. Our world-class bilingual call center in Tijuana is adaptable to increasing and decreasing positions, as needed. Our BPO and call center services use data-based optimization strategies to deploy the right number of agents for your call volume at any given time. You can count on our confidentiality for all projects with the support from our biometric security and 24/7 closed-circuit systems.

call center in Tijuana

Top-quality services at a fraction of U.S. prices

Tijuana is a multicultural municipality, famous for being the most visited and transited borderline city in the world and the seventh most populated metropolis in Mexico. Its services, people, and restaurants’ quality make it a wonderful destination, giving the world culinary jewels and adventures no other city can, full of cultures and business opportunities. The whole infrastructure needed in terms of technology and communication, Tijuana provides.

Our organization has a call center in Tijuana, Mexico, and an office in Chula Vista, California, directly across the border to leverage Tijuana’s privileges. This allows us to provide BPO and call center services to clients throughout the entire United States who may fly domestic in the morning, attend a meeting with us and then travel back home the same day. We are much more than an offshore solution – we are Next Door Solutions.

NextDoor Solutions’ key advantages


We are located on both sides of the Mexican-American border, with our call center services facility located just 40 minutes from San Diego’s International Airport


PCI Compliance Level 1

Fully bi-cultural and bilingual staff:

Our personnel spent most of their lives in the United States.

Cost-cutting without sacrificing quality:

We stand up to the American standard of service while offering more than 40% in savings compared to U.S. rates.