4 non-core business processes that are worth outsourcing

4 non-core business processes that are worth outsourcing

4 non-core business processes that are worth outsourcing

Non-core business processes are, inevitably, present in all businesses.  

Do not allow that terminology to confuse you! Yes, they are important and strategic processes; it is just that they do not form part of your main activity: production or distribution of products or services that generate income. 

In other words, they are complementary processes that allow a business to function in order for there to be an effective commercial process, thus generating the expected financial results.

In this article, we’ll explain why it is recommended to consider outsourcing your non-core business processes, and will also provide examples of a few. 

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Why should you outsource your non-core business processes

The answer is simple: because they do not form part of your business’s essence and expertise. This is what makes them non-essential, albeit important. 

For example, imagine that a team of financial experts collaborates with a team of IT engineers and create a fintech business. 

This integration translates into a highly competent organization offering financial services, instruments, and the necessary technologies so their customers can use them online. But, will being experts on those subjects be enough to build a scalable and competitive business? Of course not! 

A set of sub processes arises from from this main activity, which allow for the development of a business model. Some of these may be:

  • Customer support; 
  • Lead and prospect acquisition; 
  • Attraction and retention of talent for administrative areas, among others. 

Once they have identified these necessary processes, companies can decide to outsource or opt to handle them internally, developing new departments and facing significant investment or operative costs. 

They can also opt to implement a hybrid model. For example, let’s say it is necessary to implement a customer service department to handle the high support demand stemming from the fintech market. It may not be cost effective to hire and train dozens of Call Center agents internally. This is why it is best to complement support by outsourcing that non-core business process

And, among all processes that your business may not dominate, and that go beyond your main commercial activities, which is it worth it to outsource? 

Let’s see! 

What non-core business processes must I outsource? 

Although each company may have specific sub-processes and needs, there are some that, due to their high level of complexity and operative demand, are worth being outsourced. 

Some of them are: 

1. Service activation 

All businesses want to achieve amazing sales volumes, but sometimes do not consider the impact this may have in terms of operations and customer service. 

This also means higher service activation requests and a higher inbound call volume, which must be managed optimally for customer satisfaction and retention efforts. 

Do you have a way to handle this operative demand? Do your employees have the necessary training to offer amazing customer service? If the answer to these questions is “no”, it is, without a doubt, a non-core business process worth outsourcing. 

2. User registration and cancellations 

Just like service activation, registering users and cancelling services are fundamental commercial processes and a proactive way to manage your customer base. 

This is another task that brings forth higher time demands, and puts a heavy load on operations. The good news is that you can optimize it through outsourcing.  

3. Order processing  

Beyond support, general customer service is essential to define business operations, and a great example of that is order processing. 

This is why it is essential for Call Center operations to be performed with exceptional quality, and outsourcing is a way to achieve that. An expert company will have the human and technological resources to offer optimal service in terms of closing and order processing.  . 

By opting for nearshore, specifically for operations located in Mexico, you can save up to 40%, compared to the cost of BPO services in the United States. 

4. Order shipment tracking 

In this era of distance shopping and e-commerce, efficiency in shipping goes hand in hand with customer retention and satisfaction.  

BPO experts possess technologies, operation teams, and all the necessary resources, to run this process. 

5. Hiring and training of talent 

Hiring talent is not only a complex process, but also one plagued with bureaucracy and intricacies. It also results in additional expenses for your organization’s operation.

For this reason, many businesses consider sub-contracting associations. They opt to recur to a third party for them to handle talent acquisition in order to meet their organization’s needs. 

This third party assumes all aspects of hiring so that your company does not have to worry about labor liabilities and the legal management of human resources.

Now you know which non-core business processes are worth outsourcing. 

As you can see, many of these processes relate to Contact Center operations, can apply to virtually any type of business, and have a direct impact in overall results.  

However, very few organizations can undeniably dominate and understand them. 

We must understand that outsourcing does not mean losing control over your business, but is a cost effective way to optimize it and be relieved of operative challenges. 

Outsourcing also means saving, especially if we do so by means of a nearshore provider, paying for key services at rates lower than what can be offered in the United States. 

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