México vs Central America: comparison between nearshore countries

México vs Central America: comparison between nearshore countries

México vs Central America: comparison between nearshore countries

In the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in the offshore.  Many businesses are beginning to understand that, instead of pointing towards India, the Philippines, or any other faraway destination, it is worth it to place Call Center operations and other processes in nearby countries.  

Nearshore countries are much more attractive destinations, due to the fact that, not only do they allow us to save up to 40% compared to costs in the United States, but also because:

  • They reduce traveling costs that may arise due to quality control efforts;
  • They have manpower with greater cultural proximity to the United States; 
  • They have work force who is qualified to offer exceptional customer service, among other benefits.

And, among these countries who are close to the United States, Mexico stands out as the traditional partner, as well as other Central American nations such as Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. 

But, which of these is the best option when it comes to partnering for nearshore operations? We will discuss that below!

In the next few lines, we will share with you a comparison between Mexico and Central America, which will help you make an informed decision if you are analyzing collaborating with nearshore countries.


Without a doubt, it is important to highlight both options, due to the undeniable advantages they offer in terms of pricing, compared to the United States. 

So much so, that in both Mexico and Central America, cost of living is much lower than in the United States. Therefore, services and work force are much more cost effective. This makes nearshore countries a solid option to be considered.

In addition to this, the exchange rate between the United States Dollar and Latin American currency, for example the Mexican peso, is another factor that positively affects the cost savings that nearshore partnerships can offer. 

This allows BPO providers to offer attractive rates for our market, which motivate businesses to outsource and delegate operations, such as: 

  • Services activation;
  • Order shipment tracking; 
  • Registration and cancellation of services;
  • Order processing;
  • Work force availability.

Understanding the American culture 

One of the biggest concerns managers have when they decide to collaborate with an offshore provider is the customer experience, because it will be entrusted to people from other countries, who will have significant cultural differences with their callers.  

In fact, cultural differences is one of the reasons why many companies no longer consider faraway countries. Instead, they have opted for Latin America, a region that is not just near, but also has an extensive record of relations with the United States.  

Among these, Mexico stands out over Central America in general, when it comes to nearshore countries.

Mexico is the neighboring country with who the United States has the largest interchange commercially, culturally, and concerning migration.

For this reason, you will find Call Center services with bicultural capabilities in Mexico, which will allow you to save without affecting the perception of your customers. 

For example, NextDoor Solutions has operations offices in Tijuana, which borders San Diego. Here, we have a team of agents who understand the American culture, and who visit the United States frequently. 

There is no doubt that you won’t be able to find this cultural proximity in Honduras, Guatemala, or any other country in South America. 

Talent Availability

Mexico is the second most populated country in Latin America, second only to Brazil. This is one of the reasons why it offers such a broad professional market. 

This allows Mexico to offer a greater availability of work force and talent over other regions and countries, including Central America.  

It is guaranteed that you will find a team who possesses the necessary profile, with qualities such as: 

  • Bicultural capacity;
  • Strong command of the English language;
  • Training and sales experience;
  • Exceptional customer service;
  • Digital competencies. 

Thanks to this, optimal operative resources will positively affect your overall results.

Qualified work force

When it comes to work force, it is important to highlight Mexico, not just in quantity offered, but also in quality. 

It is considered as one of the best countries for offshore, internationally. This is precisely due to the highly competitive edge of the work force available here. 

For example, consulting firm A.T Kearney places Mexico in its list of top 10 nations most qualified for nearshore. Also, it estimates that, in 5 years, it will be the country with the most growth and improvement in all of Latin America. 

In fact, during the pandemic, Call Center services grew 30% in the country. This shows that Mexico offers a highly competitive market, with multiple key players and an extensive commercial offer.

Commercial Standards

When you decide to collaborate with a foreign BPO you must always consider quality standards. 

Quality standards are extremely strict in the United States, which makes it one of the most competitive countries worldwide. Even if deciding to collaborate with a nearshore provider, such standards must remain at the same level. 

Unlike Central America, Mexico adapts to the stringency levels of quality American customers demand. This is due to multiple accords, and the broad commercial relationship, between both countries. 

Among other things, Call Center services in Mexico consider a company’s goals and metrics, and offer agents who speak real American English without an accent, as well as tailored-fit facilities (in terms of agent numbers, contractual hours, and other factors). 

In conclusion, after evaluating the above points, it is clear that Mexico is a natural ally in developing a nearshore strategy. 

Among other nearshore countries, this is the most convenient for American businesses thanks to its quality standards, bicultural capacity, and, without a doubt, to its economy. 

It is especially important for you to consider BPO providers that offer facilities in Tijuana, which is just a few minutes away from San Diego; literally next door to the United States. Now that you have all this information, we invite you to contact us for advice, free of charge, on the next steps to take in developing a successful nearshore strategy. Click here to speak to us!