BPO in Mexico: An overview of the future

The advantages of BPO in Mexico are without question. If you’re looking to nearshore business processes associated with sales operations and customer support, Mexico is the ideal destination for companies based in the United States.

You can save up to 40% on expenses by nearshoring to Mexico and reduce travel costs for quality assurance. Additionally, the similarities in culture and time zones make this country an ideal choice for companies looking to establish call center operations and other related ventures.

But what about the future of BPO in Mexico? Is it a viable long-term investment?

Read on as we analyze what is to come for business process outsourcing in Mexico.

Development and expansion

According to the management consulting firm A.T Kearney, Mexico is already one of the top 10 markets for BPO on a global scale. The country is estimated to have the fastest development in services and quality of life in the region in the next five years. 

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have played a big part in the development of this industry. By being forced to close their offices, many business owners understood the importance of maintaining effective and constant communication with their clients.

For instance, contact centers and call centers saw a 30% increase in demand after the pandemic. Local companies in the United States further boosted this tendency when they nearshored and launched BPO campaigns to save money and remain relevant during the new economic reality.

There’s a thriving business climate and a tendency to invest more in business process outsourcing, making Mexico a gold mine for nearshoring operations.

End to end services

To encourage working-class stability and more transparency, Mexico has enacted a series of reforms associated with the management of human talent.

These laws led to the creation of many companies that offer specialized end-to-end services, with their fixed staff constantly being prepared and kept up to date on the industry’s best practices.

In this way, companies that acquired a BPO service don’t have to go through long bureaucratic processes to become fully active. The service includes all you need: talent, technologies and permits required.

24/7 support

There’s no such thing as being over-prepared, and recent events have been proving that maxim true to companies all over the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a good example of how events outside our control can profoundly impact business operations, including typical BPO processes like telesales and customer support.

For that very same reason, the top BPO companies offer disaster recovery plans (DRP) for their clients, a practice that should become mainstream soon.

For a BPO company, a DRP means having backup facilities where call center operators and the rest of the staff can perform their duties if something happens, like a street protest, for example.

These backup facilities mirror the company’s primary databases and all the necessary resources to ensure smooth operations without sacrificing quality, like a dedicated power generator, UPS, monitoring platforms, CCTV, comfortable office equipment, and more.

A rise in bilingual talent

Right now, the best call centers in Mexico put down dedicated bilingual professionals to ensure optimal service to your client’s roster operation. 

This is another tendency that will continue to grow over time. In our global economy, professionals capable of speaking one or more languages besides their native language are highly sought after.

Since the bilingual capacity of a company is soon to become the norm instead of being a competitive advantage, the best BPO providers in Mexico go the extra mile to prioritize adding bilingual talent to their roster to remain relevant and competitive in the US market.

The more significant impact of IT

The Mexican government has reported sustained growth in the usage of information technology at homes and at an enterprise, year after year. BPO providers are no exception.

Currently, BPO companies in Mexico incorporate cutting-edge technology in customer service, like chatbots, omnichannel platforms, and social media. They continue to add resources that offer new points of contact and encourage self-management.

Also, they are constantly improving their quality assurance systems, broadening their capacity for support, maintenance, and storage.

All of this makes BPO in Mexico a well-established market far from being just a passing trend. It is constantly improving as new standards in quality, technology, regulations, and human talent appear.

If you have a company based in the United States, consider that now you have a strategic – and economical – option to establish customer support and other essential commercial operations of your company right next door.

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