Custom-made services for the growth of your business

Custom-made services for the growth of your business

Something that has characterized call center services is being adaptable to the needs of the companies. When a company adopts a custom-made service to fit their needs, it optimizes the business’s operation. This becomes an agile and dynamic process, which is eventually reflected in a favorable return of investment (ROI).

One of the reasons why American businesses shop for BPO services in Mexico is because they offer a wide range of call center services, such as sales, customer support, massive contact methods, infrastructure rental, among others. Outsourced call centers also provide a wide range of financial benefits and other conveniences for American businesses.

The business model is called as-a-Service (aaS), also known as everything-as-a-service (XaaS), which integrates technology, infrastructure and business processes provided by a third party. Call center services are XaaS. Explained differently: it is a custom-made and scalable solution. Its current adoption by companies is such that by the end of 2016, 56 percent of 700 directors of different parts of the world, were planning to hire this model in the following two years, according to the newspaper El País.

NextDoor Solutions offers companies all that they need to operate efficiently at a lower cost. Using an aaS model allows them to hire the services that better fit their needs.

Aside from flexibility, another benefit of the aaS system is global reach. By having custom-made plans available, international companies can hire an outsourced call center with bilingual employees. NextDoor Solutions offers American companies leading BPO services in Mexico for a lower price than American call centers. (NextDoor Services has a commercial office in the United States and a contact center in Tijuana with bicultural personnel.)

With NextDoor Solutions, you can create a custom-made plan for your business’s call center services, which could include:

Operational spaces (workstations with furniture, network, computers and more)
Technological services (bandwidth, operational platform and management software)
Recruitment, personnel selection and management
General services (surveillance, restrooms, CCTV)

This plan is 100 percent flexible and will be tailored to your company’s individual needs and goals. Some of the benefits of this service are no direct investment, specialized human resources and utilization of the best technology, among others. No wonder why more companies are moving their BPO services to Mexico!

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art outsourced call center! Come by to NextDoor Solutions and get to know how we are changing the industry with the wide services that we offer! Call +1(619) 400-4177, send an email to or send a message through our website.