Indispensable costs in any company

It goes without saying that infrastructure is crucial for any company. It is actually one of the main costs to be expected for all companies regardless of the industry they belong to, according to Wells Fargo.

The most important business costs a company must consider are:

  • Charges for licenses and permits – They depend on the industry. Necessary licenses and permits can range from operational to the software used.
  • Equipment and supplies – Equipment and supplies are always high expenses for companies. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to call center services, it is possible to rent out the infrastructure, which reduces costs significantly.
  • Publicity and marketing – Two things startups do not pay much attention to are sales and/or customer support. This could be solved via call center services, which have trained and experienced personnel working in sales and customer support for different markets.
  • Employee expenses – It is important to consider the cost of payroll and the benefits that the employees are going to receive, as this is usually a major cost for companies. An alternative option to paying employees would be to hire an outsourced human workforce through business process outsourcing or BPO services – wuch as those offered by NextDoor Solutions in Mexico.
  • Technology – Call center services need a wide variety of technologies, which includes software, cloud services, a safe network, computers and telecommunication services, along with the equipment and supplies costs mentioned before.
  • Professional services – Attorneys, accountants or other professional service providers whose fees need to be taken into consideration as part the budget.

In this context, the infrastructure rental services provided by contact and call centers in Mexico, (such as NextDoor Solutions), becomes more significant, because it allows companies to reduce costs while simultaneously providing the best BPO services. These consist of:

  • Physical space with ergonomic furniture for operations
  • Technology infrastructure (network, computers, support service)
  • Telecommunication services (telephony and bandwidth)
  • General services (surveillance, restrooms, CCTV, cafeteria and parking places)
  • Access to exclusive and dedicated spaces
  • Operative platform licenses
  • Brand presence flexibility
  • Available locations in strategic cities (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Durango and Tijuana)

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