The revolution of chatbots in nearshore call centers

The revolution of chatbots in nearshore call centers


Call center companies’ development could not be understood without technology. Artificial intelligence has played a fundamental role in improving customer experience, and chatbots are a perfect example of this.

Chatbots, which at some point were deemed “too robotic,” are now capable of BPO services: answering simple questions in real-time and resolving customer requests faster than a person. They can actually perform these types of tasks at a nearshore call center, such as making password changes, providing an account balance or scheduling an appointment.

On the other hand, human beings have the capacity to capture tone and context in a way that a chatbot never could. Due to that, experts recommend implementing a strategy that involves both chatbots and humans. Chatbots would be the first point of contact and then humans would take over if chatbots are unable to resolve the questions.

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, points out the main benefits of chatbot use for call center companies:

  1. High quality interactions
  2. Call time reduction
  3. Integration flexibility with companies’ systems

The chatbot market will continue to grow, according to Transparency Market Research, which estimates that by year 2024, it will be valued at $994.5 million. In the technical aspect, the firm points out that the “self-learning” algorithms used in this technology are still to be fully explored – especially by nearshore call centers.

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