How to Save with Call Center Outsourcing

How to Save with Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center Outsourcing

70% of companies who outsource do so with the main objective of reducing costs, according to global firm Deloitte.

When it comes to customer service operations, there is no exception. Sales, marketing, and other managers know that Call Center outsourcing is an unparalleled route towards savings. 

However, for its impact to truly be tangible in financial terms, it is not enough to just decide to outsource. It is also important to think about strategies and actions to maximize its cost effectiveness.

This is why, in the next few lines, we will show you a series of elements that guarantee you will save as much as possible when outsourcing. 

Nearshore as an Alternative to Offshore

When you read savings and outsourcing on the same sentence, you probably thought of offshore.

It is true: Call Center services in the United States are much more costly that in other parts of the world.

Moreover, when thinking of “cheaper” countries, it is common to think of India or the Philippines, who, historically, have always been considered for offshore Call Center operations.

However, in reality, there are alternatives that are also cost effective, can provide better quality, and that are much closer to home. This has led to a smart and optimal trend:  nearshore outsourcing.

Instead of crossing the globe and face language and cultural barriers, choose countries nearby, who have a history of relations and interchange with the United States. And, who better than Mexico?

It is our natural partner, and, at the same time, it is a much more cost effective market. You can save up to 40%, compared to the cost of BPO services in the United States!

Furthermore, its proximity allows you to find talent with bicultural capabilities, who is highly qualified to provide excellent customer service, and who has a lot of expertise on the subject. 

In conclusion, savings start with a paradigm shift: nearshore as an alternative to offshore! 

Choose Plans to Fit Your Needs

Call Center outsourcing is a step you must only take once you have, clearly and precisely, defined your needs.

  • Some points you need to identify are:
  • Volume and support demand
  • Customer base growth projections
  • High traffic hours, among others.

In this manner, you will be able to determine the extent of service you need to employ.  This will ensure that your investment fits your needs and guarantees the best results at the lowest cost possible. 

A few of the aspects you must define in order to make an optimal selection include: the number of call center agents needed, hours of operation, and incorporated systems. 

Your BPO provider can certainly provide advice, based on their experience, so that you can choose the right plan for your needs.

Demand Operational Support

In this day in age, service providers seem to control everything: they have the best technology, software licenses, and they train their teams to respond to any circumstance, optimally. 

However, emergencies, or even technical issues arising on a determined infrastructure, can occur at any time. 

This is why you must choose a Call Center outsourcing plan that includes a disaster recovery plan (DRP). DRPs are based on a backup infrastructure that immediately activates when necessary.

In this scenario, agents already have “mirror systems”, which include any customer databases and other systems necessary to remain operational and continue to assist your customers. 

If the attention you provide your users is uninterrupted, not only will you see cost savings from outsourcing, but you will also avoid negative customer experiences, which may result in cancellations and other issues. 

Call Center companies in the United States are obligated to have recovery plans in place. This is why we recommend that you choose American companies that have facilities in Mexico as part of their nearshore services. These companies can adjust to Mexico’s reasonable rates. 

Periodic Results Review

It is true that Call Center outsourcing helps alleviate operational concerns. It is all about delegating operations that are not part of your core business, and for which you may not have the technology, or manpower, in place.

But this does not mean that you should disengage completely from everything relating to customer service, support, and service, generally speaking.

Just delegate the operative load completely, but join your BPO services provider in supervising. 

For example, if you implement nearshore operations located in Mexico, it would be very cost effective to visit the site periodically. During your visits, you should perform quality control and take some time to understand, in depth, how operations are being handled. 

This is why, at Next Door Solutions, we have strategically located offices in Tijuana, which is about a 30-minute drive from San Diego. 

You should also schedule meetings and conference reviews with you provider, as well as establish important metrics they must meet.

Ultimate, opt to use Call Center outsourcing the smart way!

Document, control, delegate, and communicate to boost your business’s results and customer experience.

Since you will be making a tailored and flexible investment, your customer base will benefit from your ability to offer much more efficient and affordable services. 

Now that you know how to save using Call Center outsourcing and the significant differences between nearshore and offshore operations, we would love to get to know your business and advice you, free of charge, what next steps you can take to optimize the areas that interest you. Does that sound like a good idea? Click here