In call centers, does infrastructure guarantee quality service?

In call centers, does infrastructure guarantee quality service?


Nowadays, many inexperienced companies offer call center services without considering the importance of an adequate infrastructure that guarantees a high quality of service.

Quality of service is defined as “satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the customer,” which cannot be fulfilled unless one possesses the tangible (infrastructure) and intangible (services) resources that effectively resolve a specific problem.

Therefore, providing high-quality call center services depends on the adequate infrastructure within the outsourced call center. Besides having an operations center with telephone lines, the infrastructure should include the following:

  • Enough physical room and correct furniture setup for the type of operations that will be carried out
  • Technology infrastructure (network, computers, and support services)
  • Telecommunication services (telephony and bandwidth)
  • General services that guarantee the integrity of its operations (surveillance, restrooms, CCTV, cafeteria, and parking spots)
  • Operative platform licenses
  • Brand presence flexibility, as requested by the customers.
  • Locations in different cities

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