5 advantages of having an omnichannel customer service

5 advantages of having an omnichannel customer service

A company must have omnichannel customer service if it wants to add value to its products or services since it broadens its capacity to serve customers via different platforms. Why limit your company to only one means of communication? Deliver a unique brand experience by using call center outsourcing to assist your customers through different channels.

Some of the main advantages of this high value-added service include:

1.- Immediate response.

Time is crucial in business, and the longer a customer waits for an answer from customer service call center agents, the smaller the probability that they will make a purchase.

On the other hand, when a customer gets a response during the first few minutes, it can trigger a sale. This process becomes faster and more efficient if a company has different platforms for communication.

2.- Respond to clients within their channel of choice.

Phones, computers, e-mail… Nowadays, consumers have different options for communicating with a company to choose the most convenient or preferred method of contact. This increases their happiness with the company.

3- Offer a comprehensive service.

Talking on the phone is still a primary way to get in touch with consumers. The good news is that in addition to call center services, a company can add other channels that complement and strengthen its customer care strategy. Direct sales or webchat, for example, are performed through tools such as chatbots or SMS messages.

4.- Retain more clients.

According to a study conducted by the specialized marketing website, Business Community, brands increased their rate for retaining customers up to 89 percent when they used an omnichannel strategy with customer service call center agents.

According to the study by Business 2 Community3, 85 percent of retail stores claimed that creating omnichannels is one of their top priorities. This means that if companies want to stay modern and competitive, they should implement these new technologies with their call center services sooner or later.

In addition to providing call center outsourcing and BPO services in Mexico, NextDoor Solutions® can also implement the optimal omnichannel customer service strategy for your company, including chatbots, SMS messages, and Wit Advisor.

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