Getting Ahead: 5 Long-Term Advantages of Nearshoring

When your customers are happy, your company thrives—it’s that simple. Customer solutions provide the fuel that keeps your business running, and finding the right people for the job is essential. Nearshore BPO companies offer individuals who understand American culture at a fraction of American call centers’ price. Below, we have compiled for you five long-term advantages of nearshoring for your business that you need to know about.

1. A Stronger Customer Bond

Think of significant brands – the brands you love. They likely all have one thing in common: great customer service. Brands that build their business around excellent customer service thrive because they establish an unbreakable bond with their clients. Nearshoring ensures that you have the workforce handle all customer issues and requests while employing individuals who understand American values.

2. A Deep Understanding

Common Dreams published an article about American values worth sharing here. We share this article with you as a reminder that what we value as a society is what we expect from others when dealing with businesses. Communication can easily breakdown when individuals who are attempting to serve us do not share our values. BPO providers who have their call centers offshore experience these types of issues as the people they provide on the other end of the line have a different set of values than their client’s customers.

3. Better Productivity

If you are outsourcing to India, chances are your business hours will not match up well with theirs. People in countries like the Philippines and India are much more reluctant to work at night, and many will not do it at all. This results in high turnover. If you are experiencing turnover issues, then your business is not doing well. Nearshoring offers companies the chance to have their call centers within the same time zone as the business (and the business’ customers) for smooth transactions and customer solutions throughout the day.

4. Cash Flow

At the end of the day, you want your business to make money. Smart customer service choices can help. Nearshoring provides all the advantages of offshore BPO companies without any of the downsides. Countries like Mexico offer individuals whose culture is similar to their neighbors up north and who may have even lived there for a time. Individuals who have spent time in America – those who have worked here and studied here – can be a big boost for your business. Even beyond the cultural advantage, nearshoring can save you upwards of 60% in operational costs via outsourcing.

5. A Stronger Brand

By nearshoring, you are building a stronger brand in the long run. You are ensuring that your business is profitable and that your customer service is top-tier, the perfect recipe for a thriving business. Customers will come to value your brand as they value other established brands and will trust that you are putting them first. By taking advantage of this rising approach to customer solutions, you are setting your business up for success.

Next Door Solutions offers nearshoring contact center services that are changing how companies do business. You can call (619) 400 4177 today and inquire about your business opportunities to take part in this approach. The long-term well-being of your business is dependent on excellent customer service. Be a part of the revolution in BPO and secure the future of your company today!