Organic Relationships: Nearshore-Business Compliance and Expectations

Organic Relationships: Nearshore-Business Compliance and Expectations

One of the most challenging aspects of outsourcing is ensuring that your company’s call center complies with the various regulations organizations like the FTC and FCC have or follow them closely. Outbound call center services hinge on these regulations’ compliance, and companies have found it harder to monitor and enforce these regulations from abroad. Offshoring and nearshoring both offer different approaches toward this, differences that must be discussed.

Lost in Translation
Companies who offshore their call centers notice that they encounter issues throughout the year, trying to uphold the standards of various organizations such as the FCC and PUC. Anytime outbound calls are made, a company can be subject to these regulations, which include:

  • What information can be collected from the customer
  • Tracking of services that are used by all parties
  • Preventing malicious robocalls
  • Enforcing rules of etiquette for local and long-distance phone calls

When a company is offshoring its call centers to countries like India, it has to combat significant time zone differences, cultural clashes, and rules lost in translation. Companies like the FCC have hefty fines for businesses that fail to comply, and if customers report any issues, a business owner is looking at some hurting in the pocket. Over the years, this has been an ongoing theme, and only until recently have options arisen.

Nearshoring offers some relief in the fight against compliance. Companies who choose to nearshore are now dealing with individuals with a higher cultural affinity to the United States, who also have similar types of regulations at home, and understand different etiquette. Compliance is easier to enforce in countries like Mexico, a significant power in the communications business for years, and has similar compliance expectations.

Understanding Each Other
Outsourced call center solutions that are established nearshore enjoy individuals’ benefits well-versed in American standards and expectations. Often, the individuals on the line have even lived in the United States before, whether for academic or work purposes. Not only do individuals from countries like Mexico then know U.S. regulations, but they also speak excellent English and can better communicate with customers.

Trust Two Ways
Nearshoring also helps to establish trust between your company and the customers that you service as these clients come to understand that you are a company that plays by the rules. The commonality that countries like Mexico have with the U.S. also helps establish a different type of trust, enabling you to build a better brand. When customers feel that the operators on the other end understand their needs while finding common ground, they are more likely to return to that brand,

Avoiding Costly Fees
Navigating regulatory bodies can be like walking through a minefield, and therefore, it is always better to air in the side of caution. The more oversight that a company can have, the less likely it will run into issues, and hefty fines; fines for violations can hurt businesses both in terms of bottom end and reputation. Nearshore call centers may offer additional oversight to prevent these hefty fees, keeping everything tight and functioning properly. It’s important to keep in mind that US regulations are designed to enforce standards for companies operating in the US and may not apply outside of it.

For years, Mexico has been a giant in the communications business, with Telmex running a significant part of Latin America’s telephone services. The various codes that have been established by this well-situated company have allowed inhabitants of the country to adapt to strict regulations during business to client and business to business conversations. Mexicans who speak English, who have lived in the United States, know these regulations are well suited for nearshore call center duties.

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