Outsourcing with a Local Touch: Mexico’s Contact Centers Are Game Changers

Outsourcing with a Local Touch: Mexico’s Contact Centers Are Game Changers

Business owners are finding out quickly that when it comes to customer service, people crave commonality. Individuals tend to look at corporations as faceless figures; people are the ones who bridge the divide. When a customer feels a connection with the company, they become a customer for life. Mexico is providing this connection for hundreds of companies savvy enough to see the change.

Bridging the Divide
Companies that understand that call center outsourcing can help them save loads of money each year are soon finding out that nearshore call centers are the future of the practice. Countries like Mexico have a vast amount of individuals who have previously studied and lived in the United States, willing to work for American-based companies. These individuals help bridge the divide by providing customer service solutions in English and with little to no accent.

Understanding One Another
When the person on the other end of the line is familiar with a customer’s culture, solutions come easy. Since 2005 businesses have been seeing a mass increase in nearshoring and a decrease in offshoring, this is due to many reasons, but some of the key ones are:

  • Higher cultural affinity
  • Decreased time zone disparities
  • Smaller project timeframes
  • A stronger return on investments

Native Tongues
So, why Mexico? America’s neighbor to the south is perfectly poised to be a haven for companies looking to nearshore (it truly is already). Many of Mexico’s rising youth in the finance and tech sector speak English, and many of them do so with little to no accent, learning from a young age or spending time in U.S. based universities. These individuals provide businesses with quality workers at only a fraction of the cost.

Costs of Operation
For years the main attraction of offshoring was the cut in costs in countries like China. While companies did indeed save money from offshoring call center outsourcing, they lost on the customer end side. Customers who had difficulty understanding operators became frustrated, and this eventually led to them stopping their business with the company. Nearshoring offers businesses a chance to save money with a higher cultural affinity from their staff.

Creating a Connection
Workers who help create a connection for a company do so through their shared culture, it is the mutual understanding between customer and representative that yields positive results. Over time these workers can help a brand better tend to their customers and help create a long-lasting bond. Call center services that operate in Mexican cities like Tijuana, Mexico City and Guadalajara have yielded savings of up to 50% on operating costs and wages.

A Mutually Prosperous Future
Businesses are doing away with the communication breakdowns that offshoring can create; they are saving money and building their brand. Countries like Mexico benefit from the practice as well as more job opportunities crop up, and significant corporations set foot in the country. Overall the future is mutually prosperous for all parties involved.

If you are looking to learn more about nearshore opportunities for your business, you can contact Next Door Solutions at (619) 400 4177. The time has come for your business to see experience the amazing benefits of working with a nearshore contact center in Mexico. You can be on your way to saving your company money while also establishing a brand that holds a reputation for excellent customer service. Make a move toward a brighter future today!