How to leverage Call Centers in Mexico to grow your business

Call Centers in Mexico have established themselves as the ideal strategic allies for companies seeking to scale their customer service and sales operations.

Years ago, US companies began considering exotic and distant destinations such as India, to relocate their Call Center and Contact Center operations to substantially reduce costs.

Were they successful? Of course! 

But as time went by, they realized that results left much to be desired, even though there were significant savings in paid labor. 

Companies soon discovered that working over different time zones with people from a very different culture, and dealing with the ever-present scarcity of qualified human talent, proved too inconvenient.

To keep operating costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality, they looked to a neighbor and historical ally, like Mexico, thus creating the true strategic nearshore. 

But how can Call Centers in Mexico drive the growth of your company? What makes the Latin giant an ideal option?

In the following article, we will give you 5 important reasons. Read on! 

1. Substantial cost reduction

You don’t have to look to the other side of the world to save money when a cheaper market like Mexico is just next door.

With Call Centers in Mexico, companies can save more than 40% compared to acquiring the same services within the United States.

Suppose you already had an established budget for BPO (Business process outsourcing). By directing it towards the neighboring country, you will be able to increase the scope of a project with the same budget since you can hire more chairs or hours of operation.

Also, you can redo the budget, reducing it substantially and directing the savings margin towards a hedge fund or other critical processes for your business.

2. Optimal service thanks to similar time zones 

Time zones matter when it comes to customer relations. Users will prefer having support in the same hours of a working day where they are most productive, instead of after-hours by an executive on the other side of the world. 

Sharing a time zone means the proactivity, treatment, and support capacity will be much more significant, directly impacting the satisfaction indexes. 

Precisely, the time zone is one of the significant advantages for the Call Centers in Mexico, which allows their advisors to be in tune with the client portfolios in the United States. 

For example, Call Centers in Tijuana share the Pacific time zone with California, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon. 

In addition, the rest of Mexico and large cities such as Guadalajara and Mexico City just have a two-hour difference from those last U.S locations we mentioned while sharing center time with Chicago or Texas, and just a one-hour difference from the East Coast.

3. Nearby facilities in strategic areas

The transfer from New York to New Delhi can take up to 17 hours with different stopovers. For this reason, installing a Call Center operation in such a distant place adds complexity and becomes more expensive when you want to do face-to-face supervision.

In Mexico, on the other hand, this is not an issue. The best Call Centers have strategically located facilities, which facilitate access and visits by U.S customers.

Tijuana, about 3 hours by car from Los Angeles and just over 30 minutes from San Diego, is a city where you can locate your customer service operations. 

A large metropolis like Guadalajara is another standard option. It is a city cheap to fly to, just a few hours from Houston or other strategic locations in the United States. 

4. Bilingual and bicultural workforce 

Having consultants in Mexico means people who have most likely traveled to the United States, who have relatives in the country, and have grown up more attuned with its culture, art, and media will serve them. 

These are neighboring countries and large trading partners with a history of massive and constant migratory movement.

In this way, you have a cheaper workforce than in the United States, but that at the same time understands the culture, the method of thinking, and nuances of a US client. 

Additionally, Mexico is full of qualified talent. The best Call Centers in the country have genuinely bilingual personnel to ensure optimal communication with your clients.  

5. US commercial standards 

If you hire the services of the Call Centers in Mexico, you can do so under US commercial standards – and even laws -.

This is because many organizations have companies with a presence in the United States, so you will negotiate with them directly and close the contracts following the current law of the country and benefiting fiscally. 

At the same time, these companies must comply with the quality standards of the US market, such as including a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in their contracts to guarantee operational continuity. 

Alright! If you’ve read this far, you already know how Call Centers in Mexico can drive your company’s growth through optimal customer service at the lowest possible cost and greater operational capacity for BPO.

No need to go to the other side of the world!

As a traditional and strategic commercial ally, in Mexico, you will find the best BPO options and the support you need in those processes that are not part of your core business but directly impact results.

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