A Common Culture: How Mexico’s Nearshore Call Centers Are Helping America Grow

A Common Culture: How Mexico’s Nearshore Call Centers Are Helping America Grow

Our neighbor, south of the border, is becoming an integral part of small businesses’ growth all across America. Excellent customer service is an essential element of any thriving business, and as many young companies soon find out, this area is not cheap. Outsourcing customer service call centers are nothing new, but exploring the similarities in culture between Mexico and the United States for excellent BPO execution is. Here is why Mexico is helping America grow with nearshore contact center outsourcing options.

Common Cultures

The United States had heavily influenced Mexico since the end of the Mexican-American war when towns like Mesilla, New Mexico, and larger cities across the Southwest became melting points of the two cultures. Family customs, religion, education, and even pop culture are closely related between our two countries. That means that many Mexicans are quite adept at English and understand the way of life here; some even have lived here for years and moved back. You would be surprised to know how many Mexicans in Mexico speak perfect English and even study the language in school to a great extent.

Outsourcing Offshores

Observing the similarities in culture is essential for BPO because, as you may already have experienced, most outsourcing is done in foreign countries like India and the Philipines, where the culture is vastly different from that of America and the language even more so. Frustrated customers will find themselves having communication issues with the person on the other end, which aggravates whatever problem existed to begin with, and can even turn potential clients away from a brand. Nearshore contact center outsourcing eliminates many of these complications, and there is no better place than Mexico for it.

Slangs and Commonalities

Mexicans and Mexican-Americans understand much of our terminology; in fact, they use it often at home. Mexicans often use words like “cool” and “shopping” in Mexico as they completely ignore the Spanish translations of those words, and like those, there are many more. In the same manner, we adopt many Spanish words into our vocabulary like “amigo” and ”hombre.” While this may seem insignificant, it is far from it as it is a reflection of our mutual appreciation. As we continue to grow together as neighbors, new generations become more accustomed to each other, and the similarities and appreciation grow.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Thanks to Mexico, small businesses find out that having trained individuals who understand the currency, language, and mannerisms of traditional customer service interactions in America can yield profits and save costs. Even something as simple as being in the same time zone can positively impact a customer service phone call. Understanding one another and providing exceptional interactions between humans is what all companies should strive to do. Nearshore outsourcing may be the answer you have been looking for.

Outsource Today

Nearshore contact center outsourcing to Mexico can have significant benefits for your company in-store, and here at Next Door Solutions, we can help facilitate the process. From helping you set up to providing you information about what you can expect to gain from quality BPO done right, there is little we cannot assist with. Give us a call today at 1 (619) 400 4177 and find out why so many young companies are moving their customer relations services south of the border.