Mass communication methods: valuable call center services for your business

Mass communication methods: valuable call center services for your business

Mass communication is a BPO service that allows businesses to increase communication reach globally through various channels, adaptable to different commercial activities.

To carry out these call center services, it is necessary to rely on an experienced provider’s technology and back-up (such as a nearshore call center). Combining both elements will allow communication to millions of people in an easy, fast, and efficient manner.

When scaling the national market in this sector, it has been calculated that in Mexico, 87 out of every 100 inhabitants own a telephone, according to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (FIT). Adding to that, around 103.9 million mobile lines exist, out of which 50.9 percent are smartphones.

Some of the most effective nearshore call center mass communication methods are:

The text message service available is delivered immediately to any cell phone type, and it does not require data usage or an internet connection. Texts can be personalized with greetings, balances, invitations, thank you notes, alerts, coupons, as well as links to images and videos, among others.

Robotic dialer
This innovative system can send pre-recorded spots to your clients or prospects. Its biggest benefits are improving productivity by decreasing the time between calls and maximizing telephonic resources.

Besides, it comes with an excellent catalyst: Online operators. This accessory allows the interaction with live agents to book reservations, close sales, quickly resolve issues, or provide more information as required.

These call center services are tools that increase companies’ potential for several reasons: they are measurable, quick to execute, and above all, they are cost-efficient.

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