Tijuana, Mexico: Your Next Door Solution for BPO and contact center services

Tijuana, Mexico: Your Next Door Solution for BPO and contact center services

Whether you work for a large company or a small company, choosing an outsourced BPO service center can provide many benefits, such as lower costs, fewer employees to hire/manage, a large pool of trained professionals, and established infrastructure.

Think about it: Would you rather go through the hardship of hiring a team of web designers, graphic designers, and writers to revamp your company’s website, or would you rather hire a marketing agency? Most professionals would rather hire a marketing agency because that agency already has the people, tools, and know-how to design websites. (This is an example of onshore outsourcing.)

When most people think of outsourcing, they think of offshore outsourcing, such as a customer service contact center in the Philippines or India. Offshore is a term used to describe these third-party BPO providers outside of North and South America. Nearshore outsourcing applies to third-party BPO service centers located in Mexico, Central America, and South America because they’re near the United States.

Disadvantages of offshore and some nearshore outsourcing:

  • English isn’t the employees’ first language: This causes language barriers and client frustration.
  • Different time zones: Offshore BPO service centers often work during the night, inconveniently for their corporate clients.
  • Dissimilar cultures: This can lead to misunderstandings and confusion when communicating with the corporate client’s customers.
  • Geographically far: Businesses can’t easily visit the call center business to train or monitor operations.
  • Not the best services: For example, Asia has many inexpensive BPO providers, but many don’t provide high-quality services.

In the past decade, Latin America has become a leader in the world’s call center businesses. And while many Latin American countries provide nearshore call centers for American businesses, not all nearshore call centers are the same.

So, what’s the difference between them? What’s better than nearshore?

Next door.

Tijuana is Mexico’s sixth-largest city with a ton to offer the world, one of the world’s busiest borders. Aside from tourism, manufacturing, high-tech, and call centers are some of its leading industries. A hop, skip, and a jump from San Diego, California, Tijuana is an ideal location for customer service contact centers due to many Mexicans living there who used to live in the U.S.

NextDoor Solutions recognizes Tijuana’s advantages, and that is why our nearshore call center is located there. We proudly utilize the growing bilingual workforce to provide high-quality BPO services to our corporate clients.

Here are some benefits American businesses receive for choosing NextDoor Solutions as their nearshore call center:

  • Low rates: We offer lower costs than BPO providers in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Same time zones as the U.S.: You are in the office simultaneously, so there is faster communication when you have new tasks or goals for our customer service contact center.
  • 100% bilingual workers: Our skilled employees used to live in the United States, so they are fluent in English and have a native accent.
  • Knowledge and understanding of American culture: Your customers will feel at ease while communicating with our bilingual staff because they understand American culture and customs.
  • Proximity: This makes training and operational visits easy, inexpensive, and fast.
  • High-quality customer service: Our staff is highly trained, and many received an American education.
  • Availability of Mexican CS and IT professionals: Mexico is a world leader for computer science graduates and has become a hub for IT experts.
  • Growing workforce: As more Mexicans who were educated in the U.S. move back to Mexico, they find good-paying jobs in the BPO services industry.


Let’s face it. Your clients don’t want to know that they’re talking to an overseas customer service representative. Therefore, don’t choose an overseas BPO service center.

Next door is the new nearshore.

Are you looking for a BPO provider to help your business lower costs? Contact NextDoor Solutions today, a leading call center business and BPO service center in Tijuana. Let us help you maximize your sales by reducing your ROI.

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