Power Brands: How Businesses Use Social Media to Promote Customer Service

Power Brands: How Businesses Use Social Media to Promote Customer Service

How These Three Power Brands Leverage Social Media for Better Customer Service 

You’ve done the research—and you have learned just how vital maintaining a social media presence is when it comes to strengthening your brand. Building a connection with your audience is a giant leap in your endeavor to adequately use the power of social media to your business’s advantage, but your efforts shouldn’t stop there. In truth, social media holds potential well into the customer purchase journey, particularly for customer service interactions.

How Can Social Media Promote Customer Service?

Customer support can impact multiple other portions of the purchase journey, providing positive effects on sales, marketing, and other areas of concern. Using social media for customer support can help you take full advantage of these additional avenues of customer interaction. 

Consider these three steps for optimizing your opportunities for social media customer support:

1. Respond to All Comments

Any time a customer utilizes your social media page is an opportunity for you to leverage an additional customer interaction. Respond to every customer post, review, or check-in in a timely manner. Better yet, use this opportunity to build a unique brand experience for customers. 

2. Keep It Real

Regardless of the type of interaction, always provide a personal, helpful touch. Provide answers to questions, links to more information, and express concern regarding complaints. Finally, including a signature ensures your customers that they’re dealing with a human being who cares about their experience.

3. Locate and Monitor Conversation About Your Business 

Using a BPO tool to monitor mentions of your business across social media platforms can help ensure you’re not missing essential interactions. Tools can notify you directly or assign response tasks to your social media team. You can also choose to use an AI chatbot to respond to certain common types of customer support messages. 

Who’s Doing It Right?
Some of our favorite power brands are doing everything right when it comes to leveraging their social media platforms to promote customer service. 

Let’s take a look at three examples: 

1. Nike

This athletic brand has an extremely strong Twitter presence, built in part by its dedication to customer service. In fact, Team Nike features customer service in seven different languages, 24/7. When Nike’s main brand Twitter handle is mentioned, Team Nike takes action, often within an hour or so, which showcases the brand’s dedication to customer service.

2. Netflix

Netflix is well-known for taking an often humorous approach to customer interactions on its social media pages. It often pokes fun at its corporate reputation, but remains aware that certain instances call for a more professional tone. Moreover, Netflix makes sure to include useful links to help guide customers toward the correct platform for account security, fraud protection, and more.

3. Spotify

The streaming service consistently wins Webby awards for its approach to social media customer service. Its dedicated support account, SpotifyCares, lets users know they’re interacting with a support professional and responds quickly to customer service questions on the main Spotify page. Better yet, the customer support account regularly posts helpful information regarding common user issues and how to troubleshoot them. 

Consider a Nearshore Call Center 

Call center outsourcing is a great way to optimize your customer support strategy for continued business growth. You should aim to improve your social media customer support practices, and remember to always stay focused by ensuring your phone customer service approach is also meeting your needs. A nearshore call center is a wise consideration if you’re serious about improving your strategy. 

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