A Stronger Connection: How Outsourced Call Centers Can Boost Customer Engagement

A Stronger Connection: How Outsourced Call Centers Can Boost Customer Engagement

4 Ways Outsourced Call Centers Will Improve Customer Engagement 

It’s nearly close of business on a Friday, and unbeknownst to you, a customer is experiencing an unforeseen issue. The social media query they leave on your business’s major social media platform has gone unnoticed, forcing them to call your customer service number for more information. 

Unfortunately, quickly-expanding business has worn your customer service department thin, and your customer is instructed to try again later. Too late, your social media team submits a response to the query, only to be informed that the customer has turned to another business with better customer service.

How Can You Keep Loyal Customers?
In the age of multi-channel customer service, this is an all-too-common scenario. Customer service professionals must monitor and respond to email, social media, telephone, and in-person requests—all in a timely manner to ensure customer retention. Failure to do so can result in a dangerous decrease in customer loyalty.

In a market where 85% of consumers made a brand switch in the past year, increasing your focus on customer loyalty and improving your customer service strategy is key. However, with so many active customer service channels in play, it can be difficult to determine cost-effective, time-savvy moves in this direction. 

One of the best ways to address your customer service is by using a call center company.

How Can Call Center Outsourcing Help You?

Outsourced call centers present a dedicated phone-based customer service solution to your customer care arsenal. How? Consider these four benefits: 


1. Immediate Access to Best Practices


When you choose to outsource your phone customer service to a call center, you have the entirety of their experience and expertise at your disposal. Call centers build best practices for customer service over years of dedicated experience. They can also provide a level of service many businesses only dream of. Customer service is a call center’s product, and it should show. 


2. Dispersing Your Team


At first glance, a dispersed team may not seem like a positive. However, consider what happens to on-site customer service operations during a loss of power, natural disaster, or other serious event. Having your team spread across different sites can ensure your customers are never without a way to reach you.  


3. Better Language Support 


Consider the demographics of your immediate area. Are your potential customer service hires diverse enough to handle requests in multiple languages? If not, a call center is an excellent solution for managing your foreign language needs without the need for intensive, far-flung recruitment in other languages. 


4. Cost Savings


Maintaining a full-fledged call center of your own in many cities requires you to provide wages adjusted for a potentially high cost of living. Or, if you’re in the process of expanding, you may be facing the cost of hiring a new call center staff at a much higher rate. Call center outsourcing in a lower-cost area helps you keep your costs down on a consistent basis.


Your Call Center Outsourcing Solution
NextDoor’s nearshore contact center is located in Mexico, in close proximity to the San Diego border, and we offer each of the above-listed benefits. Our bilingual and multilingual approach to customer service ensures positive representation of your brand to all callers. 

Meanwhile, our locale allows us to help you disperse your customer service force while saving you money.

If you’re ready to learn more about what our call center company can do for your customer connection strategy, reach out to us for additional information. 

Call (619) 400 4177 or access our contact sheet online.