Upgrade Mentality: How Just a Few Changes Can Increase Your Call Center’s Productivity

Upgrade Mentality: How Just a Few Changes Can Increase Your Call Center’s Productivity

Make a Few Key Changes in Your Call Center to Boost Productivity

Many call centers struggle with common issues that bog down productivity and diminish employee enthusiasm. If you are looking for a way to boost the productivity of your call center services, it’s vital to take a look at the day-to-day culture inside your call center to find room for improvement. A few simple changes to your daily routine can boost productivity and increase your call center employees’ job satisfaction. 

Provide Frequent Short Breaks

Most call center employees spend a great deal of time sitting at their desks. Some calls may finish in just a few minutes, while other call center staff members may spend an hour or more helping with particularly difficult customer issues. The amount of time spent sitting at a desk in front of a screen takes a toll on your employees. Providing them the opportunity to take frequent short breaks can help them tackle their responsibilities with greater clarity and enthusiasm.

Reflect on Your Team’s Performance Together

Individual performance reviews are important for any type of business, but for a contact center in Mexico that offers a specific type of service, workplace cohesion is of the utmost importance. The customers who call your center expect a specific type of experience, and team reflections on the call center’s performance helps ensure every one of your team members can offer a consistent experience to every customer who calls. If you have noticed productivity drop recently, have your team come together to review the metrics they need to focus on the most. This helps keep everyone aligned with the call center’s goals as a whole.

Give Appropriate Praise for Good Work

Positive reinforcement is much more effective than fear of reprisal when it comes to motivating your employees to put their best work forward. Take time to review individual employees’ work and, if you notice an employee going above and beyond in a particular aspect of their day-to-day operations, recognize the employee for this accomplishment. When your employees feel recognized for their accomplishments, they feel more valued, which builds motivation to keep doing great work. 

Train Across Multiple Channels

Your call center agents likely have extensive experience working over the phone to resolve customer issues, but how much time have they spent using internet messaging applications or responding to customers’ issues over other channels? Providing multichannel communication may help your employees resolve some issues more easily, streamlining their everyday operations while expanding their skillsets. This will also help break up the fatigue that comes with constantly answering the phone for every customer issue. 

Provide Your Staff With Autonomy

You should trust your inbound call center agents to do their jobs effectively and provide them with the tools they need to be self-sufficient. Micromanaging not only frustrates employees, but it also diminishes their confidence. Don’t demand your employees stick to an approved list of solutions or processes when they know how to help the people who call. Allow them the autonomy to solve customer issues on their own terms using their individual skills; the results might surprise you. 

Improve Business Outcomes With Professional Outsourced Call Center Staff

A dedicated local call center can make a tremendous difference in your business outcomes and everyday productivity. NextDoor Solutions offers professional outsourced call center operations from an experienced and dedicated workforce that’s familiar with your local culture and needs. Contact us today at (619) 400-4177 for more information or find us online to learn more about how we can improve your productivity.