Nearshore Call Centers: How Latin American Work Ethic Is Helping Businesses Grow

Nearshore Call Centers: How Latin American Work Ethic Is Helping Businesses Grow

Few things in the world can match the sheer power and strength of the Latin American workforce. While many people focus on the immigration debate in the United States, there are Latinos both inside and outside the country making big differences. Many of these Latinos are highly skilled individuals using their knowledge to help American companies grow. Companies are seeing a boom in highly-skilled Latin American labor, and we are here to tell you why.

Culture Bred

Hard work is bred into Latin American culture. Individuals in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and so on are taught from an early age that hard labor reaps rewards. Unfortunately, the governments within these countries do not always do what is best for the people and opportunities are lacking. It does not matter if you are the hardest working individual in the world, if the pay is not there, you will not be motivated to do your best.

The American Dream

What the American Dream offers for Latinos is an opportunity to showcase their skills and put their work ethic to the test. American companies are keen on hiring individuals who want to work and have the skills to move up. Now, you are probably returning to the topic of immigration but don’t be so quick about it, not all Latinos seek opportunities outside their countries. Many Latinos are choosing to learn skills outside the country in order to apply them inside.

Learning the Trades

Many Latin Americans can afford to go to great schools and even study abroad, learning English and other languages along the way. Many of the careers they choose to study are pertinent to today’s thriving industries, and naturally, when these prospects return home they are looking for the highest bidders. Working for an American company is a dream for many Latin American prospects and there is a trend in business today that is offering just that.

Nearshore Call Centers

American companies are quickly finding out that signing contracts with call centers overseas is problematic for a number of reasons. When dealing with countries like the Philippines and India, American businesses face the following issues:

• Lack of oversight
• Time zone differences
• Low cultural affinity
• Diminished brand trust

Nearshore call centers are born out of the need to remedy some of the issues listed above. Countries like Mexico provide American companies with skilled individuals who have a higher cultural affinity, are in manageable time zones, and better understand how to transmit a brand message. BPO centers have become increasingly popular due to the fact that the type of high-skill labor is now available closer to home.

A Growing Demand

The demand for nearshore call centers is growing so Latin American countries are indeed experiencing a type of boom. Companies are moving away from overseas and quickly switching their focus to Latin America. If you are a business owner looking to jump in on the trend, the time is now. The mutually beneficial relationship is helping Latin American countries grow their influence worldwide while providing American businesses with a strong workforce.

How a Business Benefits

Besides some of the things listed above, there are many other ways that a business can grow thanks to Latin American work. Business call centers provide the owners of that business with labor that is only a fraction of the cost of American labor. For the Latin worker, the wages you offer are astronomical compared with businesses in the area. Above all else, you ensure that your brand is protected and well-trusted by your customers.

Because Latin Americans have such high cultural affinity with the United States they are often well aware of the customs and procedures of customer service within the country. The last thing you want is for your customers to feel a disconnection with your brand, this will surely alienate them and you may lose them forever. Your goal as a business owner is to work alongside them and harness the hard-working spirit of Latin America.

At Next Door Solutions we are championing the movement for a better Latin America and for better business in the United States. We believe that this is only the start of a booming period for the American continent as a whole and want to facilitate your entry. Call us today at (619) 400 4177 to inquire about our services. The future of BPO is already here and we welcome it with open arms, so should you.