Power Allies: Why Working with Mexico Is More Important than Ever

Power Allies: Why Working with Mexico Is More Important than Ever

Things have been a bit tense south of the border the last few years, wouldn’t you say? While many expected relations to ultimately deteriorate with our southern neighbor due to political tension, this has not been the case. Today it is perhaps more important than ever that companies choose to build strong relationships with Mexico. They have a lot to offer.

Mexico’s Strengths

Besides offering us some of the best exports (avocado), Mexico has much industrial strength that often goes unnoticed. Mexico houses various textile industries, oil refineries, and manufacturing facilities. Perhaps above all, this is Mexico’s hard-working individuals who are incredibly skilled workers. A growing number of Mexico’s youth is seeking higher education, studying abroad, and working for U.S. companies.

Customer Service Driven

Mexico is customer service driven and always has been. United States companies are taking notice of this and are beginning to settle down south of the border. A reliable customer service contact center in Mexico can help a business save on labor costs, increase customer interaction, and solidify their brand.

Willingness to Learn

Mexico’s youth is clearly showing a desire to learn, concentrating on the English language, and better understanding the close relationship with the United States. As a business owner, it is essential to see these cultural trends so that one can capitalize. BPO contact centers are popping up all over Latin America precisely because there are these significant shifts in thinking. Companies are beginning to move their operations closer to home.

Nearshore Contact Centers

Call center outsourcing is rapidly moving closer to home. Why is this happening? Well, because it is easier to manage a call center in a similar time zone, there is a higher cultural affinity, and the cost is the same. Take this comparison here of centers in Mexico as opposed to the Philippines as proof that the upside is tremendous. Nearshore call centers are the future for businesses, and everyone is getting on board.

Political Relations

With Lopez Obrador’s willingness to invite American companies into the country (something that cannot be said of China at the moment), there is much room for growth. It is more important than ever those American companies seize the opportunity to work alongside countries like Mexico now while the iron is hot. A customer service contact center can be the boost your company needs to continue its upward trajectory.

While only the future can tell how the U.S. and Mexico relationships will play out, companies are hopeful. Trade wars and the hefty tariffs they bring are not the way forward. As a business owner, you can be in charge of leading the way toward a more cooperative society.

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