Natural Growth: How Nearshore Contact Centers Are Maturing

Natural Growth: How Nearshore Contact Centers Are Maturing

Nearshore contact centers are a business revolution in the process. Outsourcing is nothing new, but it is the way that it is being done that is turning heads. For years companies were spending top dollar to install major customer service call centers in countries like Philippines and India.

The lack of cultural affinity, and the poor quality control created by distance forced business owners to look for alternatives. Nearshore contact centers were born out of necessity, and now this once new and untested idea is growing like a wildfire. Let us tell you how nearshore contact centers are maturing.

Birth of Nearshore Contact Centers

Customer service is a vital aspect of any thriving company. Customer service is not only how you service your customers but also how you present your brand to them. Outsourcing is all about saving costs in this sometimes budget-draining department. Companies who outsourced to Philippines and India for years found out that their customers were not quite getting the message. Nearshore contact centers became the next best option for the following reasons:

• A higher cultural affinity
• An increase in customer service resolutions
• Better ability to manage time differences
• Similar costs

The idea at first seemed strange, mainly due to lack of research. A soon as business owners realized that Latin American workers, in particular, the youth, have the English-speaking skills to compete on American markets and work with American companies, the race was on. So, how are these centers maturing?

BPO Contact Center Maturity

You are likely wondering what is making these business centers grow so fast, well, wonder no longer: technology is king. Technological advancements are making outsourcing easier than ever, much more manageable and fluent. Because a customer service contact center relies on secure communication, the way technology is progressing is helping it mature.

Consider as well that we are more connected than ever before. Operations managers can message one another through phones, wearable devices, and tablets, making BPO communications a lot smoother. Over the years facilities have also improved in countries like Mexico, whose current government is taking the reins of its industrial sector and modernizing it.

Latin American Workers

Latin American workers see far more opportunities in these lines of work as these nearshore call centers get more established. The centers are growing, which means that there are more employment opportunities. The work ethic of Latin American workers is undisputable, many of the often studying abroad and learning English, which they use to land coveted positions in American companies. Growth includes people as well.

What Does It All Mean?

For businesses looking to expand their customer service sector into a full-blown self-functioning entity abroad, these technological advancements are music to the ears. It is becoming easier for companies to open up shop south of the US border, and to provide their customers with the type of service they expect at only a fraction of the cost.

At Next Door Solutions, we are excited to see nearshore contact centers maturing into a viable option for American businesses. We can help you explore the possibility of opening your very own BPO center in Mexico, at Next Door Solutions, we trust the process. Contact us today at (619) 400 4177 or to inquire about the possibility of opening a nearshore call center. The future is here already, opportunity knocking at your door.