How to Choose the Best BPO Contact Center for Your Business: 15 Practical Tips.

How to Choose the Best BPO Contact Center for Your Business: 15 Practical Tips.

The race is on! Successful businesses understand that BPO contact centers are more relevant than ever before; in fact, they are a necessity. Companies looking to connect better and service their customers need to find a contact center that fits their needs, and that is why we have compiled here fifteen practical tips to find that contact center that can take your business to the next level.

1. Know Your Customer Base
You have to know who you are speaking to, and that means doing a bit of research. Your target audience may be global, or it may be centered in a specific area, it may be of a particular age group, or it may seek only certain products you sell, you need to know all this.

2. Understand the Culture
Wherever your business is based you need to have a good idea of the customs and traditions of that place, if they are your own, then you should know them well. To prevent cultural gaps, you will want to base your contact center nearby – or across the border with your closest neighboring country, such as Mexico or Canada if you’re in the United States.

3. The Right People
If you choose to base your center in a nearby country, you will find that the personnel that can be found there have a strong cultural affinity to yours, which makes any working situation easier. Your customers will also notice that your representatives seem to understand their issues better.

4. A Manageable Place
Nearshore BPO contact centers are easier to manage due both to a mutual cultural affinity and to the lack of time zone differences. If there is an issue, you can be sure that it can be dealt with on time.

5. Protect Your Team
If you have a strong customer service team already at home, understand that outsourcing that works means making some changes on the home front. Protect your team and your interests by creating a smooth transition.

6. Invest in IT
You have to know that choosing the right BPO outsourcing center means investing or assuring yourself that the IT will be up to date. Countries near the United States, such as Mexico have these capabilities as their level of technology in cities like Tijuana, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City is similar to ours.

7. Reporting Tool
It is essential that you consider managing software to communicate with your employees. Asana, for instance, has been a reliable option for many businesses around the world because it allows managers to assign tasks to employees which they can then track as they are completed.

8. Operating Costs
Taking a periodic look at the operating cost of your BPO call center is always a good idea. You will be shocked to know that nearshore contact centers cost about the same as offshore call centers, a 40-50% price reduction from the price of a U.S. call center.

9. Know the Dangers
While BPO call centers are as popular as ever, politics and AI are threatening their stability. Before launching a campaign with a BPO call or contact center, it is essential to take a look at how it will benefit your business and when the right time to start is.

10. Economic Outlook
Before choosing to outsource your BPO call center services, you want to take a look at the economic outlook of the country you are looking to base it in. The economic outlook will determine many of the factors discussed above.

11. Speak with People in Your Industry
It makes sense that you would want to speak with people in your industry, they know best after all. See if it is possible to ask someone within your industry who works with a nearshore call center what their experience has been like.

12. Customer Database
Your customer database is precious, and you want to be sure that wherever you move to, your representatives can interact with it and use it to grow your business. Integrating customer support to your CRM (customer relationship management) is crucial.

13. Security and Privacy
The last thing you want is to have to worry about the security of your data being handled in another country. Make sure you take a close look at the security measures for both your workers, your software, and beyond.

14. Know What You Will Be Charged
Be meticulous in studying what you will be charged by the company you choose and for which services. Your customer’s time on hold should not be one of those services; these are the type of things you need to be aware of.

15. Social Media Integration
Some countries have certain types of social media banned, and that means that if you already have a presence on specific sites, you want to protect that. Be sure to study the rules and regulations on the subject inside the country you are outsourcing to.

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The long-term well-being of your business is dependent on excellent customer service, as the practice has proven that it is not going anywhere anytime soon, regardless of the internet age. Be a part of the revolution in BPO and secure the future of your company today!