The BPO services demand in Mexico continues growing

The BPO services demand in Mexico continues growing

The call center and BPO services industry continues to grow in Mexico, according to the National Contact Center Census BPO-KPO 2015, carried out by the Mexican Institute of Teleservices.

For example, in 2009, 59,933 stations were accounted for, amount which grew consistently until reaching 112,868 call centers and contact center stations, in 2015.

On top of that, there was an 82 percent occupancy in those contact centers in Mexico, which proves the high demand by companies mainly located in: city and state of Mexico (49%), Nuevo Leon (12%), Jalisco (6%), Baja California (4%), Guanajuato (4%) and Puebla (3%).

The 10 main industries that benefit from BPO services and call center services are bank and finances (76%), IT and telecommunications (74%), insurances (53%), government (42%), entertainment (33%), media (30%), retail (27%), health (26%), education (22%) and public services (16%).

Its main areas of demand are: client support (38%), sales (28%), collections (16%), technical support (8%), helpdesk (4%) and market research (3%). For call center services, the main communication channels used are: calls (100%), email (87%), SMS messages (85%) and technologies such as web chat (69%), social networks (53%) and mobile apps (37%), among others.

This has allowed Mexico to position itself as the third most competitive country in the industry worldwide and number one in Latin America, supported by leading companies in the BPO services and call center services industry providing high quality services, such as NextDoor Solutions, which has 2,500 stations and employs over 5,000 people.

In the case of infrastructure support, which is one of the main services offered by NDS, the companies can operate directly their own call center campaigns, supported by specialized human resources and the best infrastructure, such as:

  • Physical space with ergonomically adequate furniture for its operation.
  • Technology infrastructure (network, computer, technical and administrative support services).
  • Telecommunication services (telephony and bandwidth).
  • General services (security, restrooms, CCTV, coffee-shop, parking places).
  • Possible access to exclusive and dedicated spaces.
  • Operative platform through licensing.
  • Flexibility for brand presence.
  • Spaces available in different cities.

What is included in NDS’s wide range of BPO services? With more than 20 years of experience, NextDoor Solution’s services include: customer support, direct sales, web chat, massive contact methods and BCP and DRP support, which operate from six contact centers in Mexico, located in highly strategic places (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Durango and Tijuana, as well as a commercial office in the United States). This is why it will continue to grow and will continue helping your company grow through 2018.

If you haven’t decided to invest in our BPO services, do not hesitate to contact us at +1(619) 400-4177, e-mail or straight at the site of our NextDoor Solutions contact center in Mexico, where we will gladly support you with a quote for your campaign or project, according to the needs of your company.