Increase your Conversions by 20% with our Online Chat

Increase your Conversions by 20% with our Online Chat

Even though omni channeling begins to take more strength nowadays, over the years, we have seen that clients like to experience customer care services by one consistent channel. An example of this would be to imagine you are at a bank and, while facing the teller, he tells you that you now have to call a 1-800 number. What?!

If someone who is looking to make a purchase calls your contact center and then is told that he has to continue making the purchase via the web – do you really think the customer is going to be OK with that? There isn’t any customer that would be OK with that. You’d find yourself in need of a new call center company!

That is why today we need call center companies with customer care services that allow interaction with customers through the preferred channels, not necessarily by the ones we choose.

We can help you not only increase your conversions, but also raise your average ticket by 35 percent, reduce your support costs by 25 percent and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by 80 percent.

How is this possible? It’s feasible thanks to the industry-leading customer care services tool in terms of of online chat: LivePerson. One in three interactions that happen are with this platform and eight of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies are customers.

With LivePerson, you approach digital customers with brands. These personalized but, above all, intelligent connections can take you one step further by increasing sales or improving the level of customer service service.

If you’re interested in a call center company that utilizes this system or want to learn more information about it, please chat with one of our executives online or, if you prefer, dial +1(619) 400-4177 and we will gladly assist you.