The Hybrid Contact Center: Native U.S. English speakers working in Mexico

The Hybrid Contact Center: Native U.S. English speakers working in Mexico

An important program on your computer isn’t operating correctly and you don’t know why. So, you pick up your phone and call the program’s customer service number. After answering several prompts, you wait and are finally connected to a customer service representative to help you with your problem.

You are relieved and tell yourself that the problem will be fixed soon … until you realize that the customer service representative on the other end of the line barely understands what you’re saying and, in return, can barely speak English in an intelligible fashion. How much can be solved when neither person can understand the other? The experience leaves you irritated and frustrated. You dialed the customer service number for an American company, after all.

We’ve all been there. A conversation to alleviate an immediate problem, which should have been handled swiftly and professionally, turned into a confusing, unnecessary language battle. Obviously, that inbound call center is not domestic.

The culprit? Offshore outsourcing.

When American businesses choose offshore BPO contact centers, their customers lose. These offshore inbound call centers and outbound call centers are located outside of North and South America, often in Asian countries, which means the employees aren’t native English speakers and aren’t familiar with American culture. This makes customers feel as though their time and their questions aren’t worth the time and cost of an American customer service representative working directly for the company.

This is one of the many reasons why more American businesses are choosing Mexican call center service providers.

Nearshore contact centers in Mexico, such as NextDoor Solutions, hire Hispanics who lived in the United States. Often these people grew up in the U.S. or lived there for many years and therefore have a native American accent, as well as understand the language and the culture. Therefore, they sound identical to other Americans.

NextDoor Solutions, a nearshore contact center located in Tijuana, Mexico, helps these people by hiring them and offering them a good-paying job that utilizes their English skills and experience living in the U.S.

Hispanics who previously lived in the U.S. make excellent nearshore contact center representatives, because they:

  • Lived most of their lives in the U.S.
  • Are native English speakers and fully bilingual
  • Know American slang, sayings and idioms
  • Have an American education
  • Understand American traditions and culture

American businesses have a lot to benefit from the proximity of Mexico’s BPO contact centers. Here are some reasons why choosing a nearshore contact center, like NextDoor Solutions, is better than offshore call centers:

Close proximity to U.S. for training or visiting – NextDoor Solutions’ Tijuana inbound and outbound call center facility is minutes from the United States, making it easy, convenient and inexpensive to visit the contact center for training or other operational visits.

American-cultured and bilingual CS agents – We hire Hispanic professionals who used to live in the U.S., because they are extremely familiar with the American language and culture.

Same time zones – When it’s daytime in the U.S., it’s daytime in Mexico. When you’re working, we’re working, so you won’t have trouble reaching us when you need to reach us.

Easier to manage than an in-house team of CS employees – Why spend more of your precious time to interview, hire, train and manage an in-house team of customer service representatives? Managing this type of a team takes a lot of resources that most businesses don’t have at their disposal.

Strong work ethics – Mexicans are known for their perseverance and strong work ethic. This gives us an advantage as a call center service provider.

Lower costs – Nearshore call centers in Mexico are usually around half the price of American call center service providers.

American-quality services – We utilize some of the world’s best computer technologies and infrastructure systems to provide high quality BPO services.

America’s southern neighbor is a beautiful country with a rich culture, a growing IT workforce and extremely hard-working people. Nearshore call centers, like NextDoor Solutions, have call center representatives who sound American, because they were Americans. And that’s who American consumers expect to talk to.

Could an inbound call center or an outbound call center help your business with its goals? Have you been searching for a BPO contact center to reduce business costs? Contact NextDoor Solutions – a leading nearshore call center in Tijuana, Mexico. Our omni-channel BPO services can maximize your sales and lower your ROI.

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