The benefits of a nearshore call center versus an offshore call center

The benefits of a nearshore call center versus an offshore call center

Did you find our blog because you’re shopping? Is your business one of the many American companies looking for call center services?

If so, it’s probably because your business is wisely trying to cut costs, streamline processes and increase time employees have for critical business tasks. There are many reasons why businesses are opting for BPO outsourcing. It’s is an increasingly popular trend among businesses of all sizes, even startups.

However, the decision to outsource shouldn’t be taken lightly. Plenty of research and consideration should go into the process of selecting a domestic call center, an offshore call center or a nearshore contact center. This begins with knowing their differences.

Domestic call center: Located in the same country as your business

Offshore call center: Located in another country

Nearshore call center: Located in a country geographically close to the same country as your business

For an American business, an example of an offshore call center is India and an example of a nearshore call center is Mexico.

Contact centers can be costly and can even harm your business’s image if you don’t choose the right one. But if you choose wisely, your business will reap many benefits.

Advantages of hiring a nearshore call center:

  1. Close proximity: Nearshore contact centers are geographically located very close to the business, while offshore call centers are located on the other side of the world. The close proximity allows for familiar/similar cultures, the same time zones and convenience for traveling to the contact center for training or other business visits.
  2. High level of customer service: First of all, Latin Americans are known to be passionate about their work ethic. Furthermore, many Hispanic people who grew up in the United States, spent a lot of time living there or received their education there decide to make a living working for a Latin American BPO provider.
  3. Better customer satisfaction: For American companies looking for call center services and BPO outsourcing, nearshore contact centers provide better customer satisfaction, because there aren’t language barriers (make sure the nearshore call center hires 100% bilingual employees, like NextDoor Solutions), aren’t culture barriers and there is a solid understanding of American culture. Additionally, since approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population speaks Spanish (and that number grows every year), choosing a call center whose employees are fluent in both English and Spanish is ideal.
  4. Lower costs compared to onshore: Nearshore contact centers are much less expensive than domestic contact centers, due to reduced labor costs, office space prices, utilities and other costs when compared to the United States. Why pay more for the exact same quality service?
  5. Allows you to focus on other company goals and tasks: It provides yourself and other team members with more time to focus on more important business tasks, projects and goals, rather than worrying about managing a customer service or IT team.
  6. Better quality infrastructure, software and streamlined processes: Nearshore call centers already have the necessary infrastructure, software and other systems in order to provide BPO services. These processes increase efficiency and reduce the likelihood of human error.
  7. Peace of mind: By choosing a nearshore call center instead of an offshore call center, your company’s BPO services aren’t handled halfway across the world, in a country where the people have never visited the U.S. nor have been around Americans.

NextDoor Solutions is a leading nearshore contact center, providing American businesses with high-quality BPO and call center services. Located in Tijuana, Mexico, only a quick drive or flight from the U.S., we help our clients keep their contact center close to their business, while reducing costs.

If your business is one of the many companies looking for call center services, make sure you choose NextDoor Solutions!

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