Why should companies place their bets on BPO services?

Why should companies place their bets on BPO services?

Staying competitive is a key element in the digital era. So, in that sense, business process outsourcing services or BPO services for short, have proven to be effective tools for businesses that want to remain competitive. A worldwide survey revealed that 57 percent of leading companies state that they have improved the efficiency of their outsourcing processes thanks to the strategy of utilizing outsourced call centers for BPO services, according to Statista.

BPO services: much more than a customer support service

Information and communication technologies (ICT) evolve rapidly, therefore, customers have as well. They have turned more sophisticated and demand quicker, more personalized and more efficient support. These types of outsourced call center services can be offered by hiring a BPO company in Mexico, which does not necessarily represent a big investment.

The following are some of the main BPO services that nearshore call center companies offer:

Customer support
Outsourced call centers allow customers to get immediate answers to their questions about products or services. In turn, the business receives feedback, which allows them to improve their processes and strategies.

Direct sale
It increases sales by bringing in more customers and working towards goals and results. It also helps evaluate the potential success of a campaign.

Web chat
It is a nearshore call center tool that allows direct and real-time interaction with customers. Aside from providing basic services for the business, it can also be used for sales, reports, clarifications, quotations, complaints, suggestions and help.

Mass communication methods
Allows to contact millions of people in seconds through different channels such as text messages SMS or robotic ticker (allows to send pre-recorded spots to customers or future customers).

BCP and DRP attention
It focuses on the business’s continuity planning and how to manage a disaster. This type of plan allows companies to continue operating during extraordinary situations, as it is the BPO company in Mexico that takes care of the physical infrastructure and technology needed for the operation.

The main benefits of BPO services provided by a nearshore call center:

  • Improves business efficiency
    Reduces cost
    Ensure business continuity
    Offers better access to specialized personnel
    Allows the team to concentrate in one strategy

Are you ready to place your bet on BPO services and in turn be a more competitive company? If you’re looking for a BPO company in Mexico to save your business money and increase sales, contact us today!