Get more clients by improving your brand experience

Get more clients by improving your brand experience

By investing in customer services, such as utilizing a nearshore call center, it will not only help the company obtain new consumers, but it will also retain existing ones. According to a study carried out by the business consulting firm, Walker, the three main reasons why companies invest in these types of BPO services are to greatly improve client retention and satisfaction, to increase cross-selling (sale of complementary products) and upselling (sale of improvements in service), respectively.

As if that wasn’t enough, 86 percent of the buyers in the study were willing to pay more for improvements of this type.

Acccording to Walker, by 2020, consumer experience will be even more important than the price or quality of a product or service!

Therefore, offering an integrated BPO strategy that covers different communication channels is key for businesses. In 2020, consumers’ demand for an omnichannel experience will be such that it will practically need to be carried out with perfection, according to PwC Firm.

As a leading contact center in Mexico, NextDoor Solutions offers the best level of customer and BPO services through i various nearshore call centers, which includes sales, information, clarification, estimates, complaints, and suggestions, among other services. NextDoor Solutions also offers omnichannel support, which includes phone communication and web chat.

Businesses can manage their campaigns directly, by relying on contact centers in different cities in Mexico (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Durango and Tijuana), which share the same time zones as the United States. These nearshore call centers are equipped with the best infrastructure, such as physical spaces with adequate mobility for operations, technology infrastructure (network, computers, support services), telecommunications services (telephones and bandwidth), as well as general services (surveillance, CCTV, cafeteria and parking), among other benefits.

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