Communication Breakdown: Offshore Outsourcing Is Hurting Your Business.

Communication Breakdown: Offshore Outsourcing Is Hurting Your Business.

The tech boom is forcing companies to work smarter, not harder, and that means outsourcing work. The customer service end of your business is the beating heart that keeps it alive, and that heart can be expensive. Companies who run their call centers in the United States see their budgets take a big hit and naturally resort to calling center outsourcing companies for relief. Businesses are right to look for help, but offshore outsourcing is not the way to go.

Customer Service Rules

You can take this report by Medium to heart. The report talks about the importance of great customer service and why it still rules supreme. Companies are still dependent on comprehensive customer service and likely always will.

Investing in great customer service is always a wise decision. It is not always financially viable, however, and this is where alternatives come into play. Of these alternatives, offshore outsourcing has ruled for years, but that is changing.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing has been helping companies soften the blow that a well-run customer service center takes on their budget. The quality of this care is vital as excellent customer service can increase revenue and provide many other advantages. Still, call centers are costly, and for years offshore outsourcing to countries like India and China has been conventional. Business owners are finding, however, that in the long run their business is suffering.

Communication Breakdown

When your customers cannot communicate appropriately with the individuals on the other end of the line, they are bound to become frustrated and blame you and your company. This communication breakdown is not to say that the individuals in the call center are doing a lousy job, of course. There is simply a cultural gap too wide to bridge. Accents can be substantial, certain words are lost in translation, and there can be a feeling that understanding and a genuine desire to help is not there.

Your Business is Suffering

You may not realize it immediately, but over time, your business will bleed out with offshore call centers. Customers will feel a disconnection with your brand and will undoubtedly abandon you for a company that “gets them.” Customers crave detail-oriented brands who put their interests first and listen to them. Adaptable and understanding, companies who find common ground with their customers thrive. If you fail to communicate with your target audience on a basic level, there is nowhere to go but down.

A Cordial Alternative

Nearshore outsourcing is revolutionizing the way businesses approach customer service due to their best-of-both-worlds offering. By outsourcing your call centers to countries like Mexico, you are bridging the cultural gap and saving yourself boatloads of money. Call center outsourcing companies that are based in nearby countries contract individuals who understand American culture and who speak excellent English.

Custom Similarities

Many of the individuals that are employed by nearshore call centers have lived in the United States before. Because these individuals understand the culture, they are better prepared to discuss issues with customers, resolve them kindly, and leave a great impression. Customer service solutions become a whole lot easier to come by, and your company thrives as a result.

A Prosperous Company

Stop the bleeding and start thriving today. Your company can begin to reap the benefits of a revolutionary approach to customer service. Top BPO Companies know that excellent customer service starts with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. Cultures propel relationships forward, and at Next Door Solutions, we offer you an opportunity to connect with cultures similar to one’s own. The time to prosper is now for your business, call (619) 400 4177 today!