What makes Mexico so attractive as a nearshore destination?

What makes Mexico so attractive as a nearshore destination?

Mexico’s accelerated rise as a nearshore magnet is evident, especially for those who are focused on outsourcing services. Some of the reasons include its macroeconomic stability, competitive costs, infrastructure, and a strategic geographical location.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) confirms the appropriate timing for Mexico in this sense, by stating that it is the only country in Latin America that has won in competitiveness from 2010 to date, which raises its value even more.

This increasing trend is estimated to continue creating an impact in 2018 in the outsourcing sector, as in the last five years, it registers an average 11% annual growth. Nevertheless, what are Mexico’s main qualities for investing on a nearshore strategy?

The BPO industry itself responds to this question. During 2015, the Nearshore Americas firm surveyed 123 decision-makers in this industry worldwide. The main results were:

What qualities make Mexico an attractive market in terms of outsourcing services?

  • Cost of operations 65.5%.
  • Source of talent 52.2%.
  • Delivery term 20.4%.
  • Proximity with the United States 92%.
  • Flexibility in regulations 20.4%.
  • Innovation 20.4%.

Does Mexico technologically cover your business needs?

  • Yes 86%.
  • No 14%.

Which market do your operations in Mexico mainly serve?

  • Domestic 17 %.
  • United States 56%.
  • Latin America 13%.
  • Numerous markets in other continents 14%.

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