Main advantages offered by the nearshore outsourcing services

Main advantages offered by the nearshore outsourcing services

Today, the location of a company does matter, and it matters a lot. Because of this, a business strategy that has had a greater demand lately has been the nearshore outsourcing.

The use of a nearshore center allows a company to benefit form an outsourcing location close to a primary market, and enables it to grow quickly at a low implementation cost.

Among its main advantages are:

  • Similar time zones between the primary market and the nearby or adjacent outsourcing location.
  • Lower billing than if the company were to settle in the primary market.
  • Cultural affinity for making business, essential to create trading partners.
  • Better language skills, which does not happen in the case of offshore.
  • Ease of management, since the company that hires the outsourcing services keeps control of the strategy at all times.
  • Lower labor costs compared to those of the primary market.
  • Access to young and professional talent.

If you wish to implement these nearshore strategies into your business, NextDoor Solutons® is your best option.

We integrate bilingual contact centers which guarantees a correct communication with its customers, infrastructure leasing contracts adapted to your business needs, and specialized, goal-oriented talent.

We also have Level 1 PCI certification which guarantees quality in our services and we have offices in both sides of the Mexico-United States border which not only grants you access to the North American market, but also to the Asian and European markets.

NextDoor Solutions offers the best BPO solutions, for call centers and contact centers, customer care campaigns, direct sales, web chat, mass-contact methods and attention to BCP and DRP.
We have suitable furniture and physical space to operate, technology infrastructure, telecommunication services and general services.

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