Essential, customized call center outsourcing services for your business

Essential, customized call center outsourcing services for your business

Outsourcing call center services has grown over recent years in our country. According to a 2015 Nearshore Americas study, Mexico is the leader for outsourcing in Latin America. This is because of its high number of suppliers and a superior business environment compared with other countries in the region.

In this way, outsourcing presents an option for companies who do not have experience in a particular function, or in the desired productivity level in your business , as this service grants you access to highly qualified professionals and to cutting-edge technology. When you decide to set up an in-house call center , for your customer care campaigns, the SMEs’ learning curve, gets longer in time and cost.

One of the biggest advantages provided by call center services in Mexico is the customized service, which is basically a plan tailored to suit the needs of the companies. A customized service-design oriented to results, so that businesses can meet their particular demands and requirements.

In this regard, NextDoor Solutons® offers customized call center services in Mexico, which are completely flexible. Some of the options that the customer can select are:

Infrastructure rental
This service is suited to fit the demand for resources for each customer campaign, given work is performed over an individual design in accordance with the infrastructure needs in a physical space ready to operate immediately, all set with furniture, technology (network, computers and more), telecommunications (phone and bandwidth), operating platform, among others.

Customer service
It is the perfect channel to listen and understand people. Companies use call center outsourcing to attract potential customers, satisfy the needs of the existing ones and strengthen their loyalty, among others. NextDoor Solution®’s Mexico BPO service center provides high quality customer service from our bilingual agents.

Direct sales
It is suitable to offer products or services. The companies consider it a way to multiply its client data base in a quick and easy way. In this category, NextDoor Solutions® provides the necessary supervision for agents to gain better performance, which will result in a greater impact on the image of the contracting company.

Report: Mexico Leads Latin American Outsourcing Industry

Top 5 reasons to outsource processes

Web chat
It allows direct and real-time interaction. It also generates statistics on operation and customer behavior, information that benefit companies and consumers. This information can be leveraged into several things. The clearest examples are found in customized products, design of strategies, business decisions, and more.

Mass contact methods
Text messages (SMS) as well as a robotic marker. Let’s think that it is possible to send pre-recorded spots or messages that get to cell phones and that do not require the use of data or even internet access. Both elements bring the communication scope to a global scale.

Other services offered by NextDoor Solutions® are staff recruitment, training, counselling and attention to BCP and DRP.

NextDoor Solutions® is a qualified and experienced Mexico BPO service center that optimizes the relationship between companies and their customers, implementing approach strategies and massive handling, customized at the same time.

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