México Is the Most Competitive Country in Latin America’s Call Center Industry

México Is the Most Competitive Country in Latin America’s Call Center Industry

In recent years, a study on competitiveness for the call center and BPO industry in Latin America was presented, a joint effort between the IMT (Mexican Institute of Teleservices), CANIETI, the Secretary of Economy, the World Bank and different companies such as NextDoor Solutions.

Said study shows a very thorough snapshot on the great opportunity that Mexico represents for the global market, by comparing competing countries and best practices.

Call center services in Mexico have evolved from BPO services to KPO/ITO services, with cost efficiency, quality, human talent and specialization as the main drivers.

“México is ranked as the third most competitive market in the world after the Philippines and India, standing out as the most mature market in LATAM”

Three developmental levers were considered to carry out the analysis:

  • Work force and technological infrastructure
  • Workforceaturity and size of the internal and external markets
  • Business environment, programs and governmental incentives

Call centers in Mexico possess great strengths for BPO services worldwide, with the following as the most important:

  • Macroeconomic stability
  • Superior talent in quantity and quality for call center services in comparison to the rest of Latin American countries
  • Strategic geographical location and same time zone in relation to the most important offshore markets such as the United States and Latin America
    Greater geographical and cultural proximity with the major cities in the U.S. and Latin America
  • Second country, out of the ones evaluated, with the lowest workforce costs
  • Population with the greater index of bilingualism compared to the rest of the countries in Latin America
  • Repatriated Mexicans are located at the northern border, which could support hiring bilingual personnel with life experience in the U.S. for call center services
  • Greater cultural affinity with North America in relation to the rest of the countries in the world
  • Presence of the major BPO-KPO-ITO players worldwide
  • Maturity of BPO services, as well as the KPO-ITO industry
  • Largest Spanish speaking market in Latin America
  • Largest Spanish speaking country worldwide
  • Over 30 cities with over 500 thousand inhabitants
  • Installed capacity available, with growth potential in the short and medium term
  • Sale prices in Mexico are three times lower than the United States
  • Mexico has the greatest business acumen compared to the rest of competing countries
  • Development of the country trademark BPO-KPO-ITO under the umbrella of Mexico IT

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